Customer Care Centre

Customer Care Centre (CCC) or better known as Call Centre was established in November 2007.  The CCC was formed for the sole purpose of assisting our valued customers with enquiries related to test details, test price, result enquiry, sample pick up request, consumables request and for many more type of enquiries.

CCC was initially setup to service the Head Quarters based customers, however in July 2008, we grew and extended our coverage to rest of areas throughout Klang Valley.  CCC works 24 hours and 7 days a week including state and national public holidays in order for our customers to reach us at all time.

CCC staffs are well trained and have good knowledge in the medical laboratory field as most of our CCC executives have diploma in MLT studies from local colleges and universities.  CCC executives are also put on intensive training both on test related enquiries and also soft skills trainings to ensure we provide stellar service to our customers.

CCC uses the state of call centre solution by Toshiba.  It has all the features and functionalities of any other full fledge call centres in Malaysia.  Our CCC has interactive voice response system (IVR) which allows our customer to choose the type of query that they would like to ask, Automated Call Distribution system (ACD) which distributes the call to the CCC staff who’s available equally and accurately according to the selected options.  Apart from this, all calls made to the CCC are fully recorded, to ensure calls are answered according to the set standard.  All calls are monitored and used for training purposes.

Together with the Call Centre Solution, CCC is also equipped with CRM system, which has the doctor’s database in its server.  The CRM works hand on hand with CC solution in pulling out the caller’s details the moment the call enters the call centre system.  This enable CC staff to perform quick verification and attend to our customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.  The CRM also used as a tool to record customers enquiries and route it to the correctly department for action.  All created case details will then be archived for future reference.

In near future, as part of our vision to serve our customers and exceed their expectations, and with the help of technology, we will venture into Customer Contact Centre where, our customers can reach us not only via phone calls but also through email and text messages via their mobile phone.  

 We the combination of well trained staff and state of art Call Centre system, our CCC strive to serve our valued customers to the very best and highest level possible. 

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-300-88-0234 for assistance.



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