Laboratory Report


  1. All test results will be computer printed on a Laboratory Report.
  2. The report notes all patient details (e.g. name, I.C. / passport number, DOB, age, sex etc) and Doctor’s details that are on the request form.
  3. All quantitative results will be reported together with reference ranges which are appropriate for the patients’ race, age and sex.
  4. Summary comment and clinical interpretation will be included for clinically significant results.
  5. Urgent results will be reported via phone or fax as indicated on the request form (Phone / fax number must be noted on the request form). A printed report will follow.
  6. Every possible attempt will be made to phone clinically critical results to the requesting clinician.
  7. Laboratory reports are printed on completion of ALL the tests associated with the request and are dispatched in the next scheduled courier round to your area.
  8. E-Reporting is available. Kindly provide your email address to your Sales & Marketing Executive and indicate that you wish to use this service.
  9. If you require the test results before the printed report reaches you, then all completed test results may be obtained at any time by contacting our Client Services Department.



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