New Profile Promotions - Innovations

Gribbles Sales and Marketing division will continuously source for new innovative screening profiles to meet healthcare professional medical needs. Medical health industry is a vibrant industry filled with many innovations and discoveries from time to time. 

Gribbles Pathology will strive to provide the First in Class and the Best in Class screening profiles that meets healthcare professional needs through continuous discussion and consultation with healthcare professional. 

Gribbles Pathology is pleased to announce several new innovative screening profiles in line with the current medical healthcare trends as below: 

a) EGFR screening test
b) kRAS screening test
c) HPV DNA – 21 genotypes (15 high risk & 6 low risk) with Surepath (LBC) test. 

Coming soon - Genomics Screening Test

Please contact Gribbles Sales Executive for further information on these new innovative screening tests at 1-300-880-234 or their respective mobile contact listed above.


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