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Analysis of Thalassaemia
2010 to 2012 Gribbles Hb Analysis Study
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Breast and Ovarian Genetic Test : BRCA1 and BRCA2
BRCA1 & BRCA2 gene test can determine the heredity risk of an individual developing breast and/or ovarian cancer in their lifetime. Out of 10 women with BRCA mutation at least eight will get breast cancer and five will get ovarian cancer in...
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NIPT Trisomy 21, 18, 13, X & Y Chromosomes Test
The MaterniT21Plus laboratory-developed test is a non-invasive blood test to detect the chromosomal abnormalities. The MaterniT21Plus test can detects an increase amount of chromosomal 21,18 and 13 materials as well as abnormal amount of X or...
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Cutting-edge Genetic Tests
Providing a wide range of Genetic testing such as CardioSURE (Heart and Stroke genetic test), LifeSURE (covers the lifetime risk of developing 115 major traits and diseases), BRACA1 & BRACA2 (Breast Cancer Genetic test) and MaterniT21 PLUS non-inva...
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Gribbles eResults - A web-based Pathology Results service by Gribbles Pathology Malaysia
Gribbles eResults is web-based pathology results service. The interface aims to provide the doctors with a quick and easy way to find and view what they are looking for. Doctors and customers are advised to please contact our Gribbles Sales &...
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Perkeso (Socso) Health Screen Program - Gribbles Pathology is approved partner for the HSP screening program
Gribbles Pathology is the approved partner for Perkeso (Socso) HSP screening program initiated by Perkeso for all its members who are above 40 years old. Information on how you could redeem your screening voucher with any General Practitioners...
Read More > Date 24-Feb-2013  | Category  

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